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A website is an important part of your business. You shouldn’t make do with something subpar. We’re going to go through some of the most important elements of a website to keep in mind. You should also think about these before talking to your web designer and developer. This can help you get a clear idea about what elements you want to include on your website.


The navigation of a website is one of the most important elements. If your navigation is confusing, people will leave your site and find another website that’s easier to use. You can sketch out a site map before starting your website. This is a good idea to get a feel for how your website might feel for potential users. It’s also important to show friends or family to see if they understand your website by looking at it from an outside perspective.

Contact Info

The ultimate goal of a website is to make sales and attract new buyers. Because of this, your contact information is one of the most important aspects of your website. It’s important to have this information on every page in addition to a dedicated contact page. You’ll want to have your most important contact information (address, phone number, email address) in the header or footer of your website. It’s also crucial to have a contact page with a form so that people can easily contact you directly from your site without much hassle.


If you have a larger website thats content heavy, including a search bar can make it easier for your users to find relevant information. The search bar is usually located on the top right hand side of the website for ease of use.


The photography used on a website can make a big difference in terms of client trust and for the look and feel. If you have taken dark, non-professional looking photos on your phone this won’t be enticing for your viewers. Having clean and clear images taken professionally changes the way people view your site. You’ll be seen as an experienced business that cares about your appearance. In turn, that’s how the client or buyer will feel you’ll treat them; with professionalism and care.

Hint: Hire a professional photographer; here at Umbrella Creative we have the equipment and expertise to take photographs that will make your website pop. Take a look at our portfolio to see what we have done for clients.

About Us

The About Us page is one that’s often overlooked. However, the people who will look at your About Us page are looking for something unique and particular. Why are you different? Why should I choose you over business X? Your About Us should be personable and tell a story about who you are which will connect in an emotional way with your buyers or clients. It’s another selling point on your website which should have quite a bit of thought put into.

Call to Action

The CTAs on your website can be an additional helper to your navigation. They should be striking and clear, making your users want to find out more information. These should always be kept concise with a short and easily understood message. It will lead your users to the place that will either make them buy your product or service, or it will lead them to learn more about your company which will in turn generate sales.

These are some of the most important elements of a website. There are a myriad of other things to consider and if you’re interested in getting a website created, talk to us about your ideas and we can set in stone what would be the best plan of action.

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