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Logo Design Brisbane

We are business logo design Brisbane specialists. As your professional logo designer, we will shape the perfect visual identity for your brand.

Lets get your branding looking MINT!

Give us a call on 07 3040 1114 or feel free to fill in the form below with your details for one of our creative geniuses to be in touch. We respond REALLY FAST during business hours!

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Logo Graphic Design

Your logo is one of the essential components of branding your business.

When you think about the most iconic brands in the world, their logo design is something that you can instantly summon to mind.

We all know Nike’s swoosh and Apple’s apple. Instant recognition is the real power of logo design.

The word logo derives from the mid-19th Century word logogram, which is defined as a “sign or character representing a word”.

A logogram, in turn, was a combination of the Greek words logos – meaning “word”, and gram – meaning “something written or recorded in a certain way”.

So – your logo is a word, graphic or symbol that represents your company, your business or you.

Is My Logo My Brand?

No, it’s not. Well, not entirely anyway.

Your brand includes your logo. It also involves a range of other elements vital for making an impact.

In simple terms, your brand is a combination of how you define and promote yourself and how others view you.

Since how others perceive is a part of your brand, you never have complete control over it. That said, you can, and you should control as much of your brand as you can. That’s where we come in. 

Take charge of the visual aspects of your branding with business logo design Brisbane wide. Speak to a professional logo designer, call Umbrella Creative today to get started.

Why Do I Need The Help of a Professional Logo Designer?

There are many online platforms out there that provide crowd-sourced, cheap logo design at unbelievably low rates. There are also various programs and ‘online logo makers’ that can help you cobble something basic together. Indeed, some people do try to design their logo themselves and mitigate the costs involved in hiring a professional logo designer.

So Why Pay Us To Make Your Logo For You? + -

We have designed countless logos for businesses across a wide range of industries. We love design. We design logos every day, and we’re very good at it. If you’re serious about your business and want to make the right impact in your target market, then you know the importance of making a good impression. A good logo should last at least ten years. If you have an eye for what you want and a sense of how you want things to look – that’s great. We want to know all about it. But, you still should consult a professional logo designer. Even if you have the concept for a beautiful design, it may not be scalable, or it might date quickly. We will design a logo that works well regardless of whether it’s at the foot of your emails or ten-foot-high on a billboard.

Beware the Cheap/DIY Logo + -

A cheap logo or a DIY logo is a logo for sure, but it probably isn’t a lasting symbol that genuinely speaks from the heart of your business. We don’t doubt your design skills, but we design for a living – all day, every day. As professional logo designers, we know what works and what doesn’t. Just as your customers hire you or your business for the services you excel at, business owners choose an Umbrella Creative professional logo designer for logo graphic design. You’re a professional at your job. And we are professionals at logo design. In short:

  • We future-proof our logo designs
  • We design logos that embody your brand
  • Our logo designs are scalable, work in multiple-use scenarios and colour applications/reverse applications
  • We work with you to deliver precisely what you want
  • We have a revision process of 3 rounds of changes to ensure that you are 100% happy with the result

Contact us now to get started today!

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Logo Design Services – What We Do + -

Your logo is a word, graphic or symbol that represents you, your business, and what it stands for. You could pick a logo at random or get one mocked up quickly; the reality is that you probably won’t be happy with it in the long term. It won’t truly represent you, and before long, you’ll be cringing every time you see it.

For impactful logo design Brisbane wide, you need the help of a professional logo designer. Contact Umbrella Creative to find out more about what logo design services can do for your business.

We will work with you to help you discover and identify what positively stands out about you. We will design a logo that will show off your brand, precisely how you want it.

Whether you want to be classy, sophisticated, irreverent, cheeky, fun, engaging or caring; we can design a logo that speaks from the heart of your business.

Our professional logo designer will work with you closely through three rounds of revision to ensure that you are 100% happy with your final logo.

Business Logo Design Brisbane – Who Needs a Logo? + -

You do! If you’re starting a business or are looking to rebrand, to stand out and stay in the minds of your customers, you need a powerful logo.

Your logo is the basis for all your marketing collateral. From business cards to email signatures to your website, your logo will be ever-present on packaging, signage, promotional material and advertising. That is why it is so important to get it right.

Let’s say that your company is selling a locally sourced, organic cosmetics or skincare product range. Your logo design has to represent all the best parts of your product or service. Your logo design should focus on earthy tones, soft and gentle elements and imagery rooted in nature.

A high-tech, showy logo design would only be jarring to your customers. A disruptive tech startup, however, would do well to go into the market with a bold logo, in an industry where shaking things up and disruptive businesses stand out positively. It’s essential to get your logo right as it’ll be the hallmark of your brand moving forward.

Deciding on a logo design is a decision with long-term consequences.  As the visual representation of aesthetics and values of your business, your logo plays an essential role in telling the story of your brand.

Why Umbrella Creative for Business Logo Design Brisbane?

We are business logo design Brisbane specialists. As your professional logo designer, we will shape the perfect visual identity for your brand. Our versatility goes well beyond logo design – we also offer web development servicesecommerce web design Brisbane wide and WordPress website design, to name only a few of our services.

Get in touch online or call our professional logo designer on (07) 3040 1114 now to get started today.