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Office Signage

Office Signage Brisbane

Signs are a vital part of how we understand the world. Signs tell us when to stop (and when to go), where to go and innumerable other things in our daily lives. We take a lot of silent information from a sign and draw conclusions about things, places and businesses, and that’s why effective office signage is essential too.

What do your signs say about your business or brand? Do you have enough office signs? Too many? Are they too small, too big or just right?
If you’re looking to add extra personality to your business or just need to fit out your space with office signs that speak to the heart of your brand, then we can help. We can design, create and install your office signs – whether they are interior acrylic signs, custom office signs or door signs on the outside of your business.

Are you setting up a new office space or looking to revamp your current space? At Umbrella Creative, we will design one-of-a-kind office signage that stands out, champions your brand and sings your name loud and clear.

Creative and Branded Office Door Signs

Signs are a silent way to communicate with people. We expect signs in certain places like restrooms and meeting spaces. While you can stick with straightforward signage, you can also use this otherwise relatively mundane feature to inject some personality into your office space. Office door signs don’t need to be boring! You can play with colour, style, font, size, position – and when you partner with us at Umbrella Creative, the (sign) world is your oyster.

If you aren’t sure about the creative design, we can help. If you are sure about how you want things to look, we can help there too. We can be as hands-on as you like and are happy to work with you to provide creative direction for your signage. We can even visit your office space and look at what you need, and help with guidance as to positioning and style. As designers, we like to think that we’ve got the eye for detail, and we bring our passion and enthusiasm for making everything beautiful – and this includes office signs.

Types of Signs

The use of signs in your office is not limited to showing directions and providing information. The first thing you need to know is what kind of message you’re looking to send. Are you looking to provide wayfinding information? Safety information? Or perhaps regulatory signage? You want to ensure that whatever kind of message you’re putting out is clear, easy to read and eye-catching. Positioning is also essential – signs need to be at eye level or whatever height is appropriate for that message.

  • Wayfinding – these signs show directions, locations, and information.
  • Advertising – want to show off a product, service or otherwise spruik something? Use these signs. Can be fixed or have changeable sections to move with promotions.
  • Safety – if you need to warn about a certain hazard or provide safety information, these signs are essential.
  • Identification – if you want to show people that they are in the right place, or advertise a place — like a meeting room.
  • Regulation – any kind of industry or government regulations that need to be visible will be a regulatory sign.

We can help to ensure that all of your signage is branded according to your business and suits the overall décor of your office space. We can help with acrylic door signs, office signage, custom office signs, custom door signs and plenty more. Just contact us to find out about our service offering.

Why You Need Clear Office Signage

With clear door signs for office spaces, visitors to your office are going to feel relaxed and comfortable in your space. You’ll be able to show where meeting rooms are, where people’s offices are and how to get around. Make sure that your office is clearly signposted and your visitors will feel much more secure getting to where they’re supposed to be.

We provide a range of exterior office signage as a landmark for your business, as well as a range of interior office signs. In addition to office signs, we also offer graphic design solutions to ensure that every piece of office signage fits in with your workplace aesthetic.

Call us on (07) 3040 1114 or contact us online. We are proud to support our local and interstate clients who come to us for our innovative approach, thorough service, and the expertise of our designers and developers. We’d love for you to join us; get in touch today to find out how we can transform your office signs.