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5 Ways Your Website is Killing Your Brand | Image of Doc Brown Shouting Through a Megaphone

Are you wondering why your website sucks? And how to make a good website? Look no further, because this is the blog post for you.

#1 Dodgy photos
Whether it is stock images or low-quality photos taken on an iPhone, dodgy photos scream cheap. The problem with stock images is anyone can buy them, even your competitors. Stock images don’t look real, the smiling faces or people in action are just not believable. While they are affordable and ideal for when your business is starting out, it is a good idea to invest in unique content later down the track.

#2 Inconsistency
Avoid using different fonts and colours, create a familiar brand aesthetic by consistently using the same style, this is why style guides are so helpful. Try and stick to two fonts; one for the headings and the other for paragraph text (three fonts max). Aim for two or three colours depending on how busy the design is.

One example of consistent design is Oreo’s Instagram; the brand finds creative ways to present new content while ensuring brand consistency.

#3 Important Information last
Relevant information like your phone number should be prominent and easily accessible. Ain’t nobody got time to be on a scavenger hunt for information. Why not ask someone who is not familiar with your brand to test your website.

#4 The website is not mobile friendly
No one wants to be zooming in and out trying to view your website. Google now prioritises mobile-friendly websites in searches. If that’s not enough, mobile usage has exceeded desktop worldwide.

#5 The content and design doesn’t compliment each other
When you start adding in extra content that was not factored in during the design process (e.g. menu items, text and foot links), it can start to look cluttered. The website will appear overcrowded and cramped making it difficult for users to digest the content. It is important to plan for any additional content when designing a website.




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