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Why do you need a website?

So let’s kick things off with asking yourself 2 things “do I need a website?” If no, this really isn’t a topic worth reading. OR is it? And 2, “Why do I need a website?” If you are even giving this topic one ounce of consideration regarding your online presence, generally speaking, this more then likely means you have a business or are looking to set yourself up a business?

If you are just starting out and are currently on the hunt for a website developer or designer for that matter you will be smashed with so many questions regarding your new or existing business. i.e What does your business do, what do you want your website to do, is it for advertising services only, does it require any specialised functionality, are you looking to integrate any external software for CRM management etc.

At this point, you’re more than likely wigging out and have no idea what to expect regarding pricing. Or why the hell is this somewhat simple concept I have for a business going to cost me $5k + just to get online? Surely there is a cheaper way to get my business up and running online you ask…… Long of the short, YES there is, but as each of them, it comes with its own issues. Here’s why.

Template style websites

In most cases, a template website will cost you anything from $1k+ for a basic 5-7 page brochure style site.

Going through an agency obviously costs money, and there is a reason for this. Even though they are purchasing a readily built framework/website template, there is still a need for a number of tasks aside from installing the ready build template.

Some of which are: client meetings for direction, branding decisions, content collection, images and setting the theme up. All this takes time and intern costs money, so you don’t have to worry about the stresses of putting it together.

At the end of the day ensuring it WORKS is the agencies issue, not yours! Yep, that’s right, making sure it actually works, “what do you mean works? it was working on the theme website you purchased it from though!” Oh, welcome to the world of “incompatibilities” no 2 hosts are the same and nor are their scripts/library’s running on their servers to make the website work.

Don’t even get me started on bugs in the themes because of poor coding practices and the heavy dependency on off the shelf plugins that enable vulnerabilities for hackers to take advantage of the website. I mean don’t get me wrong they are great if you want inexpensive options to get sorted or you don’t have time to develop something custom, BUT they do have a larger list of issues.

NOW, what about WIX and Square-space you ask, oh I thought you would never ask! They are great, error-free, predefined and free to allow the user to create a beautiful or in most cases Myspace style appearance ( No offense Tom ).

Custom style websites

So let’s talk a little about custom websites, or should I say agency built websites. This option gives you a blank canvas to allow you as a client or person to stand out, no boundaries here, the sky is the limit. Budget permitting of course! Generally, these start at about $5k and go up to literally sky is the limit. And in most cases, there is no need for plugins to be used as a good developer can make most from scratch, limiting the chance of your website getting hacked through poorly executed coding practices.

Break it down

When you need to upgrade the CMS aspect of the website i.e WordPress, 95% if the time you will be fine to do so after a back up of course. Whereas a template will require a core file upgrade due to issues around incompatibility from core dependant files from poorly built back end functions.

Why do you ask? Well, you are effectively building a shopfront to your business.

Let’s look at it this way, you want to start a business, right? So if you are in the business of requiring bricks and mortar premises you have 2 options.

1. Move into the premises and start operating out of the current premises that everyone else has been using for years ( typically the same as a template website )

2. Hire a shop fit out/builder to make that space your own, express yourself, move things around, build anything you want inside that space to make it reflect you and your brand. ( Going custom baby! )

So, yeah custom websites and specifically custom WordPress websites have a heap of perks, in that you get to work with a team to help make that little beauty your own special place to call home online with no boundaries if the budget permits it can be done.

Our opinion

Let’s be honest, from our perspective, the biggest perk is we get to be creative for you and think outside the box. We love making interactive experiences that not only engage users and keep them on your website but we also just love sitting back and seeing the smile on our clients faces as they see their dreams bought to life. Helping the web be a more attractive and better functioning place for all to experience is what we love to do.

Go custom and be original!





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