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Tip #1

Have a key message you want to get across. This can be short and sweet or long-winded. The important thing is that you engage with your audiences. Engaging watching a movie you are were super pumped about only to find out there wasn’t actually a storyline .. Well there are actually a lot of bad films that did and still do this. Pro tip keeps your message short but strong in context. If this is a social post or messaging from an advertising standpoint your key thoughts/messages need to be clear and direct. This current generation has less time and needs information fast and efficient.

Tip #2

On top of engaging content, you need to have quality images. I can tell you for fact words on a page and particularly a wall of text is not appealing. Find yourself a good photographer and get a social media image package either quarterly or monthly. There is nothing hotter than a company that has actual images of themselves and staff with the work they do. Stop using stock photography!

Tip #3

Video is a great way to engage your audiences. I know I know, you are thinking I don’t have the budget for video though… it’s not expensive, and the uses from a single session with a videographer can produce enough content to last you months.

Tip #4

Be consistent with your content. Easier said than done we know! But set yourself a schedule and stick to it. If you are like most of us in the world, you get busy then quiet and when the quiet happens you start to panic and run around marketing your little bum off then get busy and stop again … yeah, you do! So make a day a month where you write 4 blogs, 12 insta posts, 12 Facebook posts and plug them into a social media management tool like Buffer and set and forget for the month!

Tip #5

Email marketing is a great tool to put your content in front of your customers or your clients. Every time you meet someone or they look around your website you should be capturing their name and email address. Email marketing is still one of the best forms of marketing and the cheapest! Make your content like a well thought out sandwich, layer it in such a way that you can’t help but feel hungry for more because it tastes so good. Then link them to your website and give them the whole meal!

Bonus If you’re really on a budget and you need to get started. Start doing some things your self. If video is your first piece of content to go out, look into ways to produce more engaging video through the use of lighting and audio recording devices.

Pro tip: put your phone in your shirt pocket and records the audio with your memo app. Then use a point and shoot camera to capture the footage. Mix the 2 together and you have yourself a great sounding and looking video. Remember, audio, lighting, and message

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