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Why investing in a 50 dollar logo isn't worth it - Umbrella Creative Graphic and Web Design Brisbane, Australia

It can be tempting to look at a cheap logo offer and want to snatch it right up. When you’re starting a business, you have a budget in place and design can be costly. But what are you getting for your money? And is it truly worth it?

Think about the future

Take a moment to think about the future, your logo is what people see first and foremost. You want something that reflects your brand and connects with your customers. A logo from Fiverr won’t have much time or effort put into it. And will most likely reflect another brand that’s similar to yours. If you want to truly stand out from the crowd with a unique design, spending more on your logo is going to get you places in the long run.

Your logo needs to work across all media

It’s important that your logo works across all media. This includes online, print, video, different colour formats (black and white, colour), t-shirts etc. A logo design isn’t something that should be whipped up in 10 minutes or designed from a template. It’s something that should take several hours and be a point of difference for your business. Something unique that will stand out in the crowd. You wouldn’t believe how many times we have been asked to turn a fiverr logo into a print ready file. 

It shouldn’t take 5 minutes to create a logo

To create a meaningful logo involves research and time. You’re not going to get that by investing in a $5 or even a $50 logo. To create a logo means you need to own a computer and have electricity, which costs quite a lot. Purchasing a $5 logo means the person making that logo isn’t making much profit at all in the long term. A logo design is more than just a pretty picture, it’s something that should take time and involve iterations, testing and research. It’s not something that should just be whipped up for convenience.

Your logo is an investment into your future, and it should take more than 5 minutes to create. Talk to us today about how we can create a meaningful logo to reflect your brand.

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