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Design influences consumer behaviour

If you are gaining traffic to your website through AdWords campaigns and you are not converting leads, you should rethink your content and design. There are many components of website design that influence consumer behaviour. For example:

Colour Psychology 

Try to use a colour representative of your industry/competitors? (Ie discount stores opt for red, orange, yellow because it encourages consumers to splurge). It’s not always a good idea to choose a colour just to be different from competitors, think about what is most relevant for your customers.

Brand Recognition

When you have a distinctive brand identity, existing customers will notice your marketing efforts. Using a Style Guide will ensure your social media presence and advertisements are consistent.

One of the main components of a brand identity is a logo. Your logo should be unique, legible and have sufficient colour and contrast to help your brand get the attention it deserves. Take this test to see how distinct your logo is HERE Logo Rank uses AI and will compare your logo to million other logo images. It can test if your logo designer has taken inspiration from existing designs.

Design can break through the clutter

Graphic design can help you get your business noticed. Graphic Designers can tailor graphics for different social media streams and can help you stand out from competitors. Visual Content is imperative in this day and age, considering that information presented with visuals is 43% more persuasive. Graphic Designers can help you present information.

Make sure you incorporate the following visuals with your text-based content:





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