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Gif of Sunrise host opening and closing mouth.

Recently came across a new startup in the heart of the Gold Coast called negative 210. They make fresh ice cream right before your eyes made to order. You might ask yourself how does one make ice cream on the spot without it has to be chilled, longest wait ever for some ice cream having to wait for a freezer to do it’s thing right? WRONG! turns out they use liquid nitrogen to chill the ingredient on the spot,  to flash freeze the ice cream creating the creamiest, smoothest ice cream imaginable as claimed on their Facebook.

Now this is all very well and good to be a cutting-edge ice creamery, what else is there point of difference you ask? How about the makers of the worlds hottest Ice Cream!! at first I was a little confused, to be honest when reading the title of another article that sparked my attention, sounds a little contradictory I thought… well no, quite literally the worlds hottest Ice Cream belongs to Negative 210 lol check out this Video I stumbled across to support such a claim:


I am definitely going to be taking a trip down the Coast to check this place out, sounds pretty awesome , as a creative way if differentiating themselves from every other ice creamery that stretch the beach fronts  of QLD, Awesome job guys, cant wait to try some of the “coldest” ice cream in the world definitely not the “hottest”.

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